Warm and Comforting – The best crossiant!

A lot of chunks of life can be just mundane, to beat it we all need to find spots that cheer us up in simple peaceful ways, add something special just by being there. A place that I like to stop at if I can is at this lovely french wine bar and restaurant. I have been there on occasion for brunch, but what makes my day is the wonderful cafe au lait and their fresh baked crossiants!

They make these sometime around 10am on weekends and they are gone within an hour or so..

En route to errants, I like to stop by take 15-30 minutes to myself and relax. The place is exceedingly peaceful before the lunchtime crowd starts and does get pretty full before that. I had recently stopped by the day before halloween a day that seemed to be crazy to say the least. I was running around co-ordinating royal outfits, prepping for a food demo and in general going a little crazy…
However, the lovely smooth creamy cafe au lait hit the spot! They still did not have their regular crossiants, I needed little persuasion to try their moist buttery, gooey almond crossiant…

It fortified me with enough calories and caffiene to tackle the rest of the wonderful fall day that I

was going to spend braving the crowds in the preparation for our annual ode to the sugar industry! We even make sure that we dress the little ones for the occasion to celebrate the sugar high!
Ok! Ok!, while I am not big on the candy part of things and do clean out most of the junk that they collect, I love the dress up and the hoopla of halloween! This year, the greatest fun was dressing up my son, who really feels jewelery deprived. Yes, if he had his way he would wear it all. Well, this halloween, we decided that he could be a prince who could actually ransack my necklaces.

Beads and bead and a fake tiarra from his sister is what completed his day!

As an Indian princess, all I needed to do is to get a veil and place it securely over my head with a bright big fake crown! My brother was over from West coast to join the funfare and all in all we all had a good fun day, now onto thanksgiving!

14 main street
tarrytown, ny
914 703 6550

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Chiboust on Urbanspoon

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