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Today was a really nice day, the weekend had been rather long. I woke up predictably late, we had a simple yet with just enough richness to have a nice mellow comforting flavor. I shall tell you more in a recipe about the soup and you can tell me what you think.

I wanted to try out this place, since we were going to be in the neighbourhood, however I was a little disappointed by the somewhat lukewarm buzz about the place here.

I decided none the less, it had a good informative

website, so I thought I would venture over. We went for lunch. The place is spacious, very beautifully decorated, but was completely empty. The owner appeared to be busy on the Internet, trying to pass some time. We ordered a couple of dishes – a lentil tagine, a duck B’steeya (that the owner seemed very proud of)

with a lemon co fit salad. The food was very good, in fact, I now want a tagine. I hate buying kitchen toys like this and keep wanting to make my husband buy them for me. He has sounded a moratorium on them, telling me that I need to clear up some space before I get something new.
Anyhow, the salad absolutely stole the show. The simple dressing with the freshness of the lemon, seemed quite heavenly.
The B’steeya was interesting in that it was a savory pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar, the flavors blended however. The phylo dough was good too light and flaky, rather than the richness of puff pastry which would be too rich for the meat. The duck was moist even in the pastry.
They has a good wine list, that I did not have the time to try. Well, next time. The menu for people who might be interested is a good balance of flavors, lots of vegetarian entrees and most dishes would be something adventurous kids would like. By the time we were leaving the place began to start getting visitors – I guess their standard clientele preferred to eat their lunch later.
Zitoune – Morrocan Cuisine
1127 W. Boston Post Rd.Mamaroneck,
NY 10543
Phone: (914) 835-8350

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  1. D says:

    Check it out there is a class being held at this restaurant on 3/15 from WCC on how to cook some of the mentioned dishes. Great program for continuing education. Many other restaurants being offered also.

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