D Thai Kitchen

When is a good thing, just too much to handle?

Possibly if you are an absolutely lovely emerging little restaurant that receives a, “worth it” review from the times.
A couple of Fridays ago, we went over to the D Thai Kitchen and I have to tell you that despite the extreme chaos, resulting from having just way too many customers to handle the food was just so amazingly good. Interestingly enough, amidst the chaos and commotion we ending up chatting quite a bit with dinners on the adjacent tables something that we rarely do in restaurants.
The food in this charming little place was wonderful. It would have been a beautiful night to sit outside, but it was just too packed. The restaurant manager (the chef’s wife) was amazingly poised calm and composed and smiled amidst all the chaos.

I was actually really quite amazed to see how calm she was under the stress of running out of linen, (she had paper napkins), irate customers and in general what might seem like mayhem. Folks, I am not saying all this to make it sound bad, in fact, I am hoping that if anyone did make it to the place they might actually look at the bright side and also remember how amazing the food was.
We started out with a green papaya salad, while the salad was a little sweeter than what I am normally used to for this recipe, the flavors were amazing. A nice touch in this salad was that it used two types of nuts, crunchy crushed peanuts for the body and roasted rich cashew nuts for the garnish. The appetizers have a nice option of a sampler that they refer to as Thai Tapas, we tried the a Thai take on the Malaysian Roti Canai, fried calamari with a sweet chili sauce and chicken satay. The place is a BYOB and we enjoyed all of this wonderful food with some plum wine
Actually we ended up getting rather late, so we got our main dishes of red shrimp curry and Pad Thai to go. The flavors for these dishes were just as good. Here is what I have to say to everyone at D Thai kitchen, please grow up and get settled, we are dying to come back and still be able to do something outdoors before it gets too cold.

Actually, as a testimony to their food, I just went today to pick up some takeout, they seem much calmer, so we shall be back soon!

D Thai Kitchen

677 Commerce Street
Thornwood, NY 10594
(914) 741-1313
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