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Sometimes a good dining experience, is all about time and expectation. We had so been missing a good Ethopian restaurant in the Westchester area, to the point we actually ended up trekking all the way in a deep snow snow storm when we were in the Washington DC area, earlier this year to U-street area and eating Ethiopian. Now all of this changed a couple of months back with the opening of Lalibela, I remember seeing this video, a couple of months back.  Well, this Saturday, I packed the husband and we headed to Mt Kisco. Our GPS has a bad habit of stopping a good 2-3 blocks before the destitination, so when I parked he had no clue where we were heading and looked rather skeptically at Cosi across the street.
My sense of direction is rather bad, so he was sure either we were headed for a late night sandwich pick, or I had lost my way.
His expression seeing the Lalibela sign was one of pure delight, he went – “Since when did we have an Ehiopian restaurant here?”.
The restaurant is small and cosy. The staff are very hospitable. We tried the Lalibella sampler, I skipped the two beed dishes in favor of lamb, the collards were lovely, have to get the recipe, misir wat and gomen (lentils and split peas respectively were all wonderful), loved the dor wat a chicken stew with boiled egg and two lamb dishes. These are all served with Injera a spongy Ethiopian bread.
We had a glass of the cabernet and the Ehiopian honey wine. The restaurant has a compact but very food friendly wine list. The bottles are well priced as well. The tiramisu that we had as the desert was nice but not expectional.
All in all, I am delighted and think Lalibela was well worth the wait. We shall be back to this beautiful little nood with cheerful yellow walls, warm wooden tables and smiling staff for many more times. Until then, I encourage you to give this place a try, that it if you have not been there before.
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  1. Satya says:

    hi dear,

    u have a lovely blog here … wonderfull space with nice informative posts and recipes… i love food reviews as it gives idea of what to eat or try in specific restaurant…

    if u get time do visit my blog


  2. Lindy says:

    Ethiopian food is so different and fun to eat!

  3. Creativecook says:

    Thanks Satys and lindy for stopping by.

  4. Creativecook says:

    You know, I think once you get over the idea of eating with your hands, it really is a wonderful experience.

    It probably comes a little easier to me, since we tend to (traditionally..) eat Indian food with our hands.


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