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kalbi houseTrying a new ethnic restaurant can be interesting for a variety of reasons – it of course offers us a new place to try and of course if the food is good, it adds one more place to the family dining collection. If you have little ones like us, a new style of food can also afford an opportunity to talk about the Geography and other cultural snippets of the cuisine that we are trying.  It was mostly a combination of proximity and adventure that drew us to Kalbi House, actually a while back and we have been back a couple of times since. Actually, we even tried little Korea in NYC and I shall tell you at some other about that experience.

The first thing that struck us on our visit to Kalbi House, was that the place was frequented by a fair number of seemingly native diners. This is always a good sign for an ethnic restaurant. The general feeling and thinking here is naturally that original eaters of a cuisine would be able to discern the good from the bad. This being said it is also worth considering that there are not a whole lot of Korean restaurants. We are not really very facile with Korean food, but being picky and adventurous eaters we can certainly comment on good tasting food, which is what we thought the food at this small and whimsical Korean spot on Central Ave, next to Nikos Greek Taverna.

The assortment of pickles that come preceding the meal, were a lot of fun, we went through the scores of tastes all well balanced, our favorites were the potatoes and the Kimchi.
The kids had fun with the soup and as you can see navigating the sushi. My daughter actually needed help, what a difference a few months makes.

Among other things, we like the Kimchi Pancake, the kids labelled this spice Pizza. Well all in all we had a fun and satisfying experience and will be back.
The lowdown on the restaurant.
Kalbi House
291 Central Ave
White Plains, NY 10606
(914) 328 0251

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