Orissa- Indian Cuisine in Dobbs Ferry

It was a friday evening, kind of a perfect evening by most standards for an evening out. This particular one with my one errant aquaintaince, who actually is also my publisher wannabe. Well, we had tried many a day and finally this  was the date and Orissa was the place. A relatively comfortable corner spot on what I call restaurant row, actually it felt good to be back after many days in the area. This time in all kinds of better spirits of sorts.

I got there a little early and perused the wine list and actually ordered the Indian red from Sula Wineries. This actually confused them a lot and finally, I think I ended up with a glass of a long opened wine. It was certainly a testimony to the wine that after airing a little and the first metalic after taste, it tasted pretty good. I had actually tried this wine in India when I had last visited late last year.

Finally, we settled and ordered, two appetizers and two main dishes. Susan actually asked them three times for a glass of wine, she wanted to have the “Indian red” and was told evenutally that they were out of it, I am not sure what she settled for. So she asked me, what makes this place modern? I was not sure, the overall experience however would be great food, somewhat confused service? Both the appetizers we ordered were good and just the right amount.

We ordered the lamb shanks and a sea bass in a coconut reduction as main course. The lamb shank was a very generous serving of fork tender exceptionally well seasoned lamb and the sea bass was everything and more that one could hope for. The rice was nice, I am picky about my rice that way, I like it soft but not mushy.

The calm atmosphere and the warm colors and great food will probably lure me back. In fact, the husband is already complaining that we went without him. However, this is a pretty pricey place so to go from good to great, I think they need to notch the service just a little bit. I do think the elements are all there, the devil as they say is in the details.

The low down on Orissa


14 Cedar Street,

Dobbs Ferry,

New York,

 (914) 231-7800

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