Dolphin Restaurant – Learning to eat with kids!

We tend to get out a reasonable amount and since I love cooking, we rarely get out because there was no food in the house it really is much more about wanting to savor a different restaurant, check out a new town or a combination of both. The kids tend to come with us fairly often and the realty is that this process has some hits and of course some major misses. This past Sunday was a wonderful evening we all had a great time, and given that we went to eat outdoors, the good weather helped!

The children actually love to eat out, the key is to love sharing and enjoying this experience with them. They are more adventurous that the average kids I have seen and usually getting them to try a new restaurant is never a problem. So we have plenty of options and this is actually the first rule if you do like to try eclectic food, do not assume that the children are not going to like new food, you do need to find a common ground and actually restaurants it might help if you did not go out of your way to make the kids menus so dull.

The other important factor to plan is time, it really is essential to get to the place when the kids are not tired or overly hyper and lastly it is a good idea to a spot that appeals to the children without cramping their style too much and not driving the other diners crazy.

So keeping all this in mind, we ventured to Dolphin Restaurant on Sunday. We did get out early enough to make sure that it gave us enough time for a comfortable dinner and not conflict with bedtime. It did help to plan, since it was mother’s day, it was very nice of the restaurant that they had honored our wish for an outdoor table and we picked a beautiful corner one that afforded us lovely views of the Hudson as well as allowed us to see the loads of elegantly dressed visitors heading to the ever popular, X2O. Considering it was an extremely busy night the service was a little tense but exceedingly efficient.  They had pre-fixes with a decent selection of food, their menu is however very interesting and warrants a return on a different day. In particular, the food was a pleasant change from what used to be the Pier View, this menu certainly was more upscale and interesting.

The food was good, but all in all not great. Actually, the highlights were that the kids have learnt to savor bread with olive oil, we like the calamari and the salmon that Anshul had. The corn chowder was really great. The disappointment of the evening was the lobster ravioli, which came in a pretty pink sauce that was unfortunately a little too salty. Given my love for the Yonker’s waterfront, I shall definitely be back.


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