Milonga – A neighbourhood find

When we had first made plans to head out to Milonga,( a restaurant whose very pretty name had been the first thing that struck me) I had not realized how very close the restaurant was to our house. In fact, for various reasons we ended up getting a late start that day. In fact, when I saw the arrival time on the GPS, I was first relieved but then convinced that there was something wrong, but sure enough we ended at at a rather compact restaurant in less than 10 minutes.

We were very hungry and in somewhat of a hurry so we ended up ordering a whole bunch of things, let me tell you that the good service is actually accompanied by some very generous portions, so pause a little when you start the ordering spree.

Well, read on to see and hear about what we ordered.

The food in the place was a rather interesting but pleasant blend of latin and italian clasics. We started out with the empanadas which were predictably good, the highlight of these well seasoned turnovers, were a nice citrus flavored dipping sauce. I started my meal with a well seasoned chorizo paired with figs, sweet and spicy, just my kind of food. They are big on garnished, most of which are edible however, I thing they tend to have more of visual effect in certain cases rather than compliment the food. We shared a nice salad, which was nothing unsual but offered us the necessary greens to balance out the rest of the meal. Moving right along, we had our main courses, now this is what was a real pleasant and nice surprise. I ordered a chicken francese, which well does belong in a neighbourhood kind of place at least in my neck of the woods, but it was done very well. Thin cirsp cutlets of chicken, smothered in a rich very tangy sauce. 

Some people might actually find their version a little too lemonny, but if you know me, you know, I love both my lime and lemon so this absolutely hit the spot for me.


We finished off with the dessert, which was a  bit of a dissapointment after the entree, but overall a good sweet and creamy item they called tiramisu. We shall most likely be back there for their service and location. If you are in this side of town and looking for a relaxed place to eat with friends, you might want to give Milonga a try.


577 N Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603
914 555-5555

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