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I wish I could tell you that good lamb and a frequent craving for the same was my only vice when it came to food, but unfortunately I like it all, the good, the rich, the simple, the well made, the sweet, the tart and tangy. I love food, cooking and eating food, writing about what I cook and writing about where I eat, but then again, I could think of many other bad habits and indulgences, what do you say?

Anyhow, Ravagh Persian is a few blocks away from work, I actually discovered it by chance when I went camera equipment shopping. Yes the main attraction and challenge of my new book project is that I get to take some pictures and I get a camera in exchange, not a bad deal right? Willoughby’s is not too far from my haunts and the owner was quite excited when I told him I had a food blog, of course as they say that and $2.25 gets you on the NYC subway.

So, I recently went back with my friend Ken, he had recently experienced some health issues and this was a lunch to comfort, stick to the ribs and generally feel good. While the restaurant is small, it has a certain understated elegance, in fact as I told Ken, I felt rather tacky taking pictures. But then again I went ahead and took pictures.  This was my third time here in fact twice with Ken and I have to tell you their food is just amazing!!! And yes, I have tried three lamb dishes on different occasions the kebabs, a lamb stew with eggplants and on this occasion a lamb shank stew, the tender meat is cooked to soft perfection and is complete with flavor in every bite.

Their entree are accompanied by a choice of lentil soup or salad both heavenly. We have tried their vegetable kebabs and on this occasion Ken tried the salmon kebabs all wonderful, flavorful and cooked to perfection. The best part of this very elegant and civilized meal is that the price is very right. You feel like you have had a really royal experience for less that $15 per person.

Ravagh Persian Grill

11 E 30th Street

New York, New York 10016
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  1. this looks wonderful delicious dishes

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