A Cheery Day and Mexican in Rhinebeck

 So I was thrilled that the cake/or carry on goody turned out well, this helped me run get to the party well equipped.

Julianna my friend is quite the gardener and despite the very rainy day, I hopped through the wet grass to enjoy the beauty and cheerfulness of the garden. The party itself was a simple and wonderful affair making me wonder why I spend so much time fussing for my kids birthdays anyways. She had cake (homemade without loads of unnecessary icing), fruit, pie and an assortment of fancy ice-cream and sorbets. But still all in all much lower key than most things the kids tend to go to. I have to confess all the kids were thrilled A lot of the crowd consisted of Bard professors and I was surprised to see what a big deal their children’s piano accumen was. They seems to be impressed by Deepta, causing her to perform for all of 30 minutes. LOL!  My daughter is one of those kids who on occasion loves an audience, she loves to display her dancing and her piano at the drop of a hat. After the party we decided to get dinner before we left.

They mentioned a few options and I have to confess that between the books, classes and general home cooking I usually tend to cross out Indian choices relatively quickly. This actually resulted in us crossing out Cinnamon, which does seem to have positive buzz. After some discussion we agreed to try the “new” mexican place. This turned out to be a really good idea, the restaurant was a bright and stylish set up fitting in the with the somewhat artsy trapping of the place. The vivid blue interious were nice and cheery on such a rainy day.

We were not terribly hungry and decided to stick to the basics. They had good wine, I went with their house red, others explored the mango margarita which was recieved well.

The food overall was fresh tasting, I think in general could have used a little more heat. The freshly mixed avocado thrilled the kids and added a nice authentic touch, this is an increasingly common idea for Mexican restaurants these days and certainly makes a difference particularly since this allows them to customize the condiments. All in all the tray of fresh ingredients does wonders for the effect of fresh and homemade.

Staples such as the chimichanga and quesadillas were done well, the portions were nice and generous the flavors fresh without an overdose of cheese.The husband and I split the paella which flavorful and plenty for both of us. I would certainly try this bright little spot if I am in the area again.

                                                                                                     The information and co-cordinates are,                    

Gaby’s Cafe

6423 Montgomery St
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

(845) 516-4363

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