The Joys of Bubble Tea

In Chelsea, rests this lovely small and affordable restaurant that brings to the table a menu of Ramen and some. In fact, the name would suggest that all this place offers are deep and nourishing bowls of noodles, well, the truth is that the place brings you ramen in various iterations and several different assorted Bento boxes. There are times we have made lunches just on the merit of their appetizer menus, I am quite addicted to their grilled Squid balls although they are so very good, that I do not quite believe that they are grilled not fried.

But, what I really love about them especially on a hot summer day like today is that they have a bubble tea cafe.

I do not know about you, but I personally love the childlike pleasure of the sweet liquid and the fun of sucking up the soft tapioca through the fat straws. I do realize that the tea is a misnomer and if the Wiki is to be believed the name is really not authentic, but hey it is still so much fun to have the sweet flavorful cool liquid to entertain you especially in the middle of the work day.

The place is Ajisen Ramen, it actually took me some effort to look up the name, because sometime you are so used to going to a place, you really do not think about the name.


Ajisen Ramen

136 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
646 368 0888



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