Tina’s Cuban – My regular morning stop

 Well, this post is about a regular morning place, the kind of place where you love to go on a Monday to get that extra bounce to get your week started and the kind of place you love to go on a Friday just because you like to see the people at the store and and you want to wish them a good weekend.

Yes, while I started going there just to check the place out, just like I love to when I see an awning that interests me or sometimes I also like perusing through places just based on the handwriting on the boards they have around. Most mornings, it is about cafe con leche and empanadas.

The other day we stopped there for lunch and the scene was packed noisy and just where you want to be for a good comforting meal. I loved their goat stew, but what my friend and I tottally loved was their rich and creamy potato salad, it was nice and lightly seasoned complete with eggs. It is very difficult for me to resist and potato salad with eggs.

So, if you are in the mood for a morning pick me up of just a good meal that is even easy on the wallet do give Tina’s a try.
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