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 We love to travel, just do it a lot less after the kids. The past couple of years, with snap trips to India and other changes I have also not had all that much time to go elsewhere, and I always do mean to keep track of the interesting experiences especially the food related ones but then once I am back to the grind I forget, or it gets stored as drafts. In fact, most of the drafts that I still have pending in this blog are the travel food posts. I actually do plant to complete them in series of about 14 posts between Seattle and Vancouver. In somewhat of a backwards order but hey, thats why I love my blog, I get to decide when and what order to post.

Vancouver and BC where we were last week was a much needed break in terms of weather, sights and sounds and luckily they timing of things worked out perfectly. It was probably the one week I could squeeze in at work and it worked for the kids. I shall tell you all about the nourishment for the soul but I have to confess I was totally blown away by my food experiences in the city.

This time round for the most part, I was left to do most of the planning once I got to the city, while the husband and brother took care of the core logistics which actually was a perfect matching of interests and skills. I loved the compactness of the city and the amazing harmonious diversity. At first blush the city reminded me of Hong Kong, but much calmer and greener. The city has the amazing natural advantage of being silouted by mountains and bordered by the sea making the landscape very pretty. Our first morning was a trek to Lynn Canyon Park. My daughter has been reading about the rainforests in school and had been hankering to check out the real thing. This hankering had intensified ever since she

realized that her dad and I had visited the Amazon rainforest without. After all, how dare we parents have a life before and without them. Anyhow, these rainforests despite being the temperate variety worked for now.

The first stop was, you guessed it – a rainforest. We visited the Lynn Canyon Park  – a lovely shaded cool forested area with a fairly adventurous trail to the suspension bridges that leads you to an amazingly beautiful pair of twin waterfalls. We did the first trail trail that caught our eye, the Baden Powel trail. I was absolutely facinated by this mother who was doing the trekking with tree children in tow, one of whom was on her back through quite a fair amount of the journey. In general, while she was rather engaged she seemed rather unfazed by the entire co-ordination process. I always do say good parenting is sometimes about staying calm and rolling with the punches. What was wonderful was that they were both enjoying the healthy outdoors without any tension and strife.

One of the joys of travelling to the West Coast is that my brother tends to join us, which is a treat for both me and the kids. As the kids and dad moved a little ahead soaking in and trying to experience facts in action, my brother and I took a slower pace meandering gently taking pictures as we went. The amazing green gigantic trees and the grounds carpetted with ferns gradually eased the buzz and vestiges of daily grind leaving me immesesed in the magical beauty of nature – calm and awe inspiring.

We trekked in a relaxed pace for about three hours and the highlight being the amazingly beautiful twin falls over the suspension bridge. 

The torrents of gushing pure water made me realize why someone would brave nature and take the trouble to build the bridges and I was thankful that they did.

Once done, we were all hungry. This part of the agenda as always falls on me. My husband has actually started enjoying giving up control on this realm of traveling – A big one for a control freak like him. I pronounced Chinatown. My brother was rather skeptical but I was convinced that a city where almost all the signs were transcribed in Chinese along with the English had to be the real thing. It was a lovely colorful and almost serene Chinatown. One of the largest in North America.

The neighborhood was as much about shopping as it was about food, after some perusing I settled for Hon’s. Later, with some discussion I found out that the place was quite an establishment. This left me feeling quite smug about my foodie instincts.

The place had monogrammed T-shirts and actually also made their own noodles. They had an assortment of dishes that were interesting. I seem to have photographed the most boring of the lot. But we did try an interesting broad noodle dish with a plain egg sauce for the kids, they were quite flavorful. Dumplings were good, they had a TM adjacent to the potsticker, I did not quite get that, since I am sure they did not invent potstickers or maybe they did. Both their chinese brocolli and bok choi were good and all the usuals like the spring rolls, shrimp dumplings and the siu mai were fresh and flavorful.  The sauces with most of these were varied and worth a mention. They had a nice rendition of a fried smelt dish that we loved. So, first food experience rocked and I was happy!


The lowdown and 411 on Hons

108-268 Keefer Street

Vancouver, BC

(604) 688-0871

Hon's Wun Tun House 漢記 (Chinatown) on Urbanspoon

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