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After a nice long nap (that’s what a good workout does for you!) we were ready to tackle dinner. My foodie instincts kicked in quickly, I realized that Davie Street offered a Mecca of amazing International delights. I do have to confess, part of the New York snobbery often prevails and I never expect all that much from my food experiences outside the NY area, the upside of this is that more often than not I am pleasantly surprised. Scoring up and down the street, I realized that we wanted to try several of the amazing places but this evening we settled for Tapas, I was not very sure how the kids would fare but never know if you do not try.

So we settled on, MIS TRUCOS, a Tapas bar that seemed very inviting especially since it had parking adjacent to the restaurant, like most restaurant streets in larger cities was a very premium commodity. They also had some very inviting signs about their patio, which unfortunately thanks to the rainy and rather cool summer that the city had been experiencing. Well, predictably they were complaining about this just as we in New York city are complaining about the heat factor.

Their food was worth the first stopped, the great thing about TAPAS, much like Dim Sum is that we get to try a lot of the menu, a working understanding of the chef’s preferences and cooking style. We started with something that was called 6 little bites, delectable samplers ranging from an olive tapenade to rainbow trout tartare they were light, lively and delectable. Other highlights of the meal that we tried was a cheese and grilled onion platter paired with fig chutney and quince. A nice egg and Serrano ham combination made the kids very happy. We tried the grilled trout that was really nicely paired with roasted potatoes and a very interesting cornucopia of side sauces to boot. It was actually fun to see swimming trout the following day. Surprisingly the husband ordered the fois gras, something I tend to have reservations about eating. All of this was washed down with a rather interesting Sangria, fruity and not too strong. In fact, after the sangria we were even happy to take pictures of this rather occult looking lamshade.

The kids in bed, I went down with the brother for a walk, it was actually wonderful to walk down the roads of this fairly pleasant and interesting city. I love walking, truly, truly love walking. It is one of the reasons I enjoy NYC so much. We walked into the alleyways of Gastown and made it down to the harbor. We both had our cameras, we meandered, talked and tried to capture points and moments of the amazing sunset that was gradually enveloping the waterfront. The highlight of this city clearly is the presence of both the water and the mountains at the sametime. A building that did catch my attention was this flatiron shaped building.

I thought the resemblance was a co-incidence but not so, in fact, the replica is also named – yes, you guessed it – Flatiron Building.

The 411 on this lovely restaurant,

Mis Trucos

1141 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2, Canada
(604) 566-3960
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