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 The pressure high after an afternoon outdoors, a tired family resturned. The brother had been working through the day, talk of the wonders of technology.

The mood was for simple and light so we decided to try out a simple light gastown stop – Nuba. All in all this was pretty much what seemed to fit the mood of this cool summer evening. The kids generally like hummous so I figured at a very basic that was covered as far as this restaurant was concerned.

The stop had a pretty decent and prolific take out business, people stopping by enroute from work gathering some portable sustinence to tide them through the evening after the exertions of

an active summer day. Given that the menu definitely had some hummus I knew my bases were covered with the kids. The hummus here did not disappoint, it was clean tasting and lemonny with just a hint of garlic.

We joustled over to the simple cheery joint, that held the promise of food freshly made. As we sat  first down my observation were that this was one popular stop with the after work crowd stopping for a quick pick me up before heading home. The second observation was that the waitress was the epitome of grace under fire.

An interesting starting note was a lentil soup for the kids and some beet ginger juice. The kids were taken by the color of the juice and then decided against it. I personally felt that the juice was good but not anything to rave

about. Interesting highlight were the side of a red pickle made of cabbage that was sweet and tangy.

The kebabs were moist and flavorful and well seasoned as lamb goes. The other interesting dish we tried was a crispy cauliflower which was essential cauliflower fried till it was golden and soft with a side of a cilantro and yogurt dipping sauce. We tried the falafels and the kibbeh which we enjoyed.

In general the green were fresh and fulfilled the promise of crispness and fresh produce. The food to me was good and affordable but only some rather than all the dishes were outstanding.

If you are in that neck of the woods and have a fresh craving, try checking out Nuba and decide for your self what you think.


207 W Hastings Streets

Vancouver, BC

604 688 1655
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