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“Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens, Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens, Brown Paper Packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my Favorite Things

When the Bee Stings, When the dog barks when I am feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I dont feel so bad.

 The last few days have been ditfficult. I have somehow left knowing that I may not have the chance to reach the closure I would like. My father has been ailing and I think at this point has just reached rock bottom. It has been especially difficult to try and absorb the enormity of things and stay strong.

Returning from India, I think the shock of things hit me, I was very ill for the past few days, literally dragging myself out of bed to talk briefly to the kids. My son had really gotten anxious since he had missed me. I have remained somewhat shell shocked, much like how one might ball up one’s fist to avoid connecting.  The drama of Irene and things forced me to try to focus. I have also been physically feeling better since yesterday. I have wanted to write about Les Hailes – my little comfort zone for a while.

I have just not had any pictures to fit into the the post. It is not because I do not get there often enough, it just is that this place is somewhere I tend to sneak in whenever I need to opt for a work spot or meeting and usually these have not lent themselves to picture taking.

I do actually like this place a lot and felt telling you about it might actually cheer me up. My first time here was almost two decades ago, when I really had no idea who Anthony Bourdain was,  but did

recognize good comfort food. I had gone there with a group from work and the place back then was a little too pricey for me, but one bite of their mashed potatoes and I was totally in heaven.

I have been back a couple of times in between, but last summer I re-started my love with the place. There food is bistro food done well. 

My thoughts are echoed on this blog, where the author says, “I think of Les Halles as an old friend: it’s comfortable, easy to get along with, not too complicated.”

 They are a french style brasserie and if you stop to listen to the tables around you, you hear  enough french to convince you that the place attracts more than its share of french afficianados. The food is comfort food with usually some good fresh tasting flavors. I can recommend almost anything that I have tried, their Duck confit, the roast chicken, lamb sausage which by the way if you like spicy sausage is definitely a must try. The sausage is bursting with flavors of cumin nicely tempered with heat. A simple roast chicken sandwich is not so simple when it is soft moist chicken evocative of generous and very flavorful notes of the tarragon. The side of steak frittes that accompanies every dish will convince you that fries are good for you. Their snails in a garlic sauce is just heavenly and will make you dunk your bread in the sauce to ensure you savor each garlicky drop. I once made a formal lunch companion repeat my behaviour and actually relax through it.

If like me you are a sucker for a deal, this place keeps you hopping, where its discounted wine or unusual summer pre-fixes, there is plenty of fun that can keep you on your toes. It you are looking for a name, the restaurant’s claim to fame is none other than Anthony Bourdain. So if you have not checked out the place, please do head over and if you have I think you will agree with me that even without reservations, this place rocks!

Les Halles Park Ave

411 Park Ave South

New York, New York 10016

Les Halles

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  1. Peggy says:

    This place sounds excellent! It will definitely be on the list when we make it out to the big city!

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