Tamarind Tea Room

I love tea, in fact I am sipping a cup of tea even as I write this post.

There a few things that however make the Tamarind Tea Room interesting, they could comfortably pass off as a lunch place, they are Indian inspired with just the right touch of Indian, wraps laced with parathas, lightly spiced cookies and rice pudding served in small inlaid silver coated bowls, so I think you get my drift. Something very important is that their tea is done right, hot water brewed just right.

They are however good for the tea lover who wants something on different on their tea or lunch break, but they do not have the largest selection of tea. Their selection of wraps are interesting, the lamb and mushroom that we tried were good, the lamb better than the mushroom, that seemed to lack enough zing. If the sandwiches lacked anything in filling, they more than compensated in the wrapping, the light well made parathas that were used as wrappers were perfectly done with the right touch of lightness. They are do a good job of keeping an identity separate for the restaurant adjacent with its own distinct little menu.

Another interesting note, on their menu is that they actually suggest tea pairings, their afternoon tea for two at a little over $32 is actually a very good deal, especially when compared to the restaurant that is adjacent to them.  They are another one of those places that I like to keep up my sleeve, since people are not quite sure what to expect when I suggest the place and are usually not disappointed. They fall squarely in the category of good, leaving just enough room and fine touches to move up to excellent.  I think it just might be the overly square lines of their decor, that left something a little wanting, nonetheless I am sure I shall be back and if you have not tried it and are a tea afficianado, please do go ahead and give the place a try.

41-43 E 22nd St
New York, NY 10010

(212) 674-7400

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  1. Kankana says:

    I have heard of wine paring with food but never heard of tea pairing. This is a great review and I am also a tea lover :)

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