TeaHouse at Stanley Park (6 of 9)

 We spent an entire day at Stanley Park actually visiting the park twice, by sheer chance taking the kids over in the morning and re-capping with dad in the evening. Actually what was a lot of fun for the kids was pretending to show Dad around later in the afternoon, this does not happen often for them. They also relayed some of their foibbles when they were scolded by me.

We made a stop at a view point, where we stopped by to listen to the roadside musician and then pause to pick up what was described as the world’s most famous ice cream. On a whimsy we took an afteroon break at, “The teahouse”, which for a tea lover like me started out as a small disappointment since I somehow was expecting a tea centric restaurant with a tea service.

However the stunning and serene view of the restaurants gradually calmed me down and we all relaxed to enjoy the excellent food. They did have tea, just not any more that your next good restaurant but what we enjoyed was their small bites section.

Our stop ended up being longer and as I enjoyed a lovely glass of rose, we realized that this was just perfect for that rare afternoon cocktail that can only be enjoyed when you are on vacation, or celebrating on an off day. We enjoyed some really good smoked salmon bites and a salt and pepper calamari that was just amazing. All through the trip people had compared Stanley Park to Central Park, in the city although I have to confess that the vibe is very different. The lighthouses and the water fringe add a very different character to the Park but on the other hand since it is located in a quieter city the park does seem to be less filled with action.

The snack was just as well, since our Malaysian restaurant for dinner that I shall tell you about later was not as exciting as one might hope.

The Teahouse

Robson Street/West End

Ferguson Point

Vancouver, BC V6G3E2

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    Very cute post with very lovely photos :)

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