Little Kabab Station, A evening stop

Life and things change as do peoples tastes. One of the things I miss about one of my still super favorite Westchester blog, is the local links feature. It really used to help to get my very own weekly summary through Liz’s eyes. Well, it was through this local linksversion that I heard about Little Kabab Station, which in turn was due to Martha’s stop and try visit.  This weekend has been even more somber, I am worried about the lost backpack, I hope it shows up on Monday.

It took a whole load of things to happen to prevent me from visiting until now. I shall however let all you readers know, that you might see an assortment of restaurant review posts, since I am rather nerve racked about loosing my camera and bag, which if you followed me you twitter you might know. I do not want to leave anything to chance so I am cleaning out my SD card and any residual photographs, to ensure that they make it to the right place. Now back to the Little Kabab Station (LKS), it is a charming little spot in the tradition of some of the other little ethnic places that have cropped up over the past year in Westchester.

The first thing that catches your attention is the very ethnic tea shop like mural and a general co-ordinated atmosphere. Yes, the restaurant had a lot of wait staff. In fact, despite a fairly busy evening the gentleman waiting on us probably checked in on us every 4 minutes. The restaurant is still a BYOB, and we recieved to chilled wine glasses for our red pinotage. But, this was the kind of place where they would actually change the glasses to room temperature ones with a smile if we asked them too. A glimspe through the menu will indicate that the place is in touch with the multiple diet and alergy requirements with dishes labelled vegan and nut free as appropriate.

Onto, the food, we started with their frankie rolls, which are the Mumbai version of what we Bengalees call a roll. The frankie roll actually usually always includes an egg (as the ones in LKS) but also sprouts many vegetairian varieties.  The LKS rolls arrived in good time, we tried the green paneer roll and the chicken tikka roll. They realized that Anshul and I were into sharing and very obligingly cut them into half for us. Our first bite, was soft and flavorful. The rolls were a little moister that what I was used to and might have used just a smidgen more heat, but they were quite wonderful. I made a mental note to get back to savor these with the tea some afternoon.

Given the name of the place, we had ordered a seekh kabab (minced lamb grilled sausages) platter and the gobi paratha, which is a stuffed whole wheat bread and some raita (cold Indian yogurt salad. The paratha came in first. I love the light taste and full softness of the cauliflower filling. The filling while generous, lacked some sharpness of spice. This is something that most stuffed parathas have in common. The seekh kababs were what sealed the evening. They were moist and wonderfully seasoned. The rice is warm and buttery, however there could be a side salad that was more than a few leaves, maybe an Indian style cucumber salad might work too! The buttery rice and the succulent bites of seasoned lamb made me want some more, so we ventured further to order the Shammi Kabab, a lentil and lamb creation, a great cocktail bite, in fact it’s name translating to evening kebab. This one was good, but the previous one was better. I also felt that if they let customers unbundle the platters and allowed just a kabab option, it might work better. All in all, this newcomer is one we shall be back to visit.

Little Kabab Station

31 E Main Street

Mt Kisco, NY

212 242 7000

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