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I had walked by the spot a few times, actually even as I write this I realize that I should really be getting back to the gym. Yes, I had passed by the spot en- route from the gym. Located in a charming alley with a couple of other interesting finds that I am sure I shall eventually cover, I was seduced by the quaint little board advertising their specials and made my way in for lunch and then was back. The first thing that you love about this place is its wonderful assortment of lunch selections. I was also intrigued by the name, that turns out to be a festival that is observed in Thailand and in Burma, Cambodia and the Lao State, observing the entry of the sun into the zodaic sign Aries, but actually turns out to be an April Fools Day when the joke is on the men.

Day One was about the usual suspects – Fried Rice and Noodles, did not like their fried rice as much as the two noodle offerings we tried, the broader Pad Si Eu was flavorful and the Pad Thai, had the correct complex balance of flavors that when well done always reminds you why it remains a classic.

The next day with a larger group I ventured into a few more options! I love fried food and whenever I order some spring roles it gives others the excuse to be bad. The mark of a good spring roll is a nice crisp skin without much grease and this satisfied. We had tried a nice creamy red curry that was comfortingly spicy.

They had a series of entrees that served in a satay style peanut sauce that I had not tried before. The chicken that I tried tossed in this sauce was interesting but not necessarily spectacular, hey, you can’t win them all! The restaurant also had what can be best classified as “service with a smile”, prompt and pleasant.

Finishing off with an obligatory fried banana dessert took the edge off the check, yes, I did feel that the restaurant was a just a little on the pricey side, but nonetheless not a bank breaker. It certainly was an experience that my friend Priti would clasify as good but not memorable!

Songkran Thai Cuisine

330 8th Ave, NYC
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