Thali – Worth the trek across the border

If I watched popular TV, I would understand exactly what this poster at the front of the restaurant was all about. Nonetheless, it did catch my eye on this second visit to Chef Prasad’s competetion. The first visit was on a rare day when we had stopped by to pick up some weekday lunch. Thali literally refers to a plate and the plating of Indian food is done by arranging a lot of dishes to make the meal. Actually, if you are interested you might want to take a look at this post by Monica Bhide and her collection of Indian Thalis. Anyhow, essentially at this restaurant it is all about Indian food done right. It focuses on good regional Indian cuisine, which is where I think the heart of good Indian food rests.

This time round, we visited with some friends mostly on a whim to stop by their buffet table. The Indian weekend buffet is a strange thing – it can on occasion make you wonder why it was invented and when done right it offers a wonderful cornocopia of tastes that can offer a little something for everyone. This is what the food at Thali did. The food had some really interesting dishes, what stood out for me was the really nicely flavored lemon rice, a lightly spiced coconut shrimp, a flavorful and not too rich chicken curry and a really delicate assortment of desserts. They had other great staples like creamy lentils and the kadhi.

They had a bread pudding, that is one of my favorite desserts. It is not something one associates with India, but growing up it was one of my favorite desserts and I still love it when it is well made.

Possibly with the food, their decor begining with the lentil and spice studded tables are worth mentioning. We were a little rushed this time round, so I shall be back very soon and if you are in the area, I think this restaurant is worth a venture.


87 Main Stree, New Canaan, CT 06840
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