When I walked into to space that looked so coiffed and so busy on a weekday afternoon, my first thought was, well, this is where the other half eats. This was a business lunch, but luckily my companion was a foodie. Short of actually sending him the facebook link to my blog (well, I do have this rule about keeping my food world and money world consciously separate), this naturally does not stop people from checking me out on their own volition. I do not however gush and tell them all about this food thing that I am so excited about. Niles, is rather interesting tucked in a relatively non-descript row smack in the vicinity of Penn Station. It is the kind of place I would have thought I had heard about, but then in the general scheme of things in a city called NYC, it is yet another nice looking restaurant that feels good to sit in.

Anyhow, I perused the menu over the general chatter of corporate scandals and them bleeding their way into the world of non-profits. At first blush, I was thrilled to see the very nice selection of seafood. After, some discussion I settled for the stuffed shrimp platter, well now that he felt he was in the company of a foodie, my companion ordered the same. So, the verdict was, the platter was a very balanced one, both in terms of food and presentation. The taste was good, but just somewhere to my palate lacked just a little bit of zest. I realize that this might be an issue for just me, but you know there is something about that spark of flavor that is so essential to complete the balance. So if you are in the neighborhood and are looking for something beyond the burger do give Niles a try, if you would want the palate tingling bouquet of tastes, you might want to think twice.

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