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There used to be a time, when I needed mentors and heroes in almost everything that I did. I needed to feel inspired by someone at work, I still need the inspiration just do not need to it to be a person. People often attribute this to getting older, which I think in turn translates to seeing many in favor, fall.  I have been pensive since yesterday pondering what makes some like erstwhile blue-eyed boy Rajat Gupta, do what he did. More often than not, the world of white collar crime baffles.

Well, the good thing about my love for food is that it works on both good and bad days. 

Onto to the more tangible and satisfying, I tried another Persian place. Given, how much I love Ravagh, it seemed almost being unfaithful to try something else. But, on a still pretty day the outdoor tables were so inviting that we could not resist.” Pars” like some other ethnic restaurants is named after a town in Iran.  At first glance, if you walk inside, it is richly decorated with an intent to carry you to Persia. Given that I left my wallet in the place, I ended up trying to food two days in a row.

We started with a nice and flavorful eggplant appetizer, smoky and flavorful. I am not very what the addition of egg was supposed to do for the dish. Nonetheless, it was not a surprise since this was mentioned in the menu. Moving on to the main courses my friend Ken ordered a really good plate of grilled vegetables, that was healthy and seasoned just right. He has been on a rather particular vegetable and seafood diet. I guess you can say that I have been on a see (and eat) food diet all my life.

I ordered the omelets of the day, which was a well done vegetable omelet. Satisfying without any excesses. It was to me, comfort food done right. It did not come with the sauce that it was supposed to come with but they offered a nice garlic yogurt sauce that was lovely. The second day, I tried a lamb stew which was well seasoned and moist. The food in itself was good, what I missed was the sides that I have gotten accustomed to with a platter in Ravagh, leaving the meal just a little short of great. Amazing how the little things in life matter!

I would probably not go out of my way to try out the place again, but probably on a pretty day, if I am in the mood I shall take a book or should I say my new e-book and give their food another try.

Pars Grill House and Bar

249 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001-6713
(212) 929-9860
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