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 Well, a crazy week can have some high points, sometime that might be hard to discern. To add to the craziness of the weekend, I realized that I needed to pick up some essential groceries actually nuts to be specific. The daughter snacks on cashews which I was out of and the only spot that I can readily think of finding supplies is that Indian hub, near Lexington and the twenties. Now, that hub has always been about food, I have tried, Bhojan and Tiffinwalah were other food stops that I have eaten and talked about, well back to the stop, I felt I had to stop and eat and frankly there was no going back after stopping at Pongal. The food was so good, I have been dying to tell you all about it. In fact, if it was not for a crazy schedule I would have been back today.

So, my hook for my lunchtime companion was to tell him that we would be trying out Kosher Indian, well, the restaurant is Kosher and Indian, hence Kosher Indian. Pongal is about vegetarian food done right. They have an extensive regional menu but is essentially about good South Indian food. I could not resist starting out with the Kachoris. These delicately stuffed turnovers were crisp and fresh and served on banana leaves.

Next on I ordered the onion rava masala dosa. This was dosa done right, crisp and full of onion flavors. They had a couple of chutneys and a very flavorful sambhar to accompany the food, just for the dosa I shall be back.

They offer you assorted lunch specials that come in the form of regional thalis. My friend ordered the Gujarati thali, which was filling and comforting, a puri, two varieties of rice, lentils and a homestyle eggplant dish. He said the raita was amazing.

To finish off, we ordered the Kulfi and tea. They offer quite and assortment of teas, green black and masala chai. The tea was probably my only disappointment, it was not very flavorful. I shall however be back, will skip the tea but shall definitely make room for the rest.
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