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We all have that special friend from childhood, the one who you befriend at one of your first days in school and then she hangs on as a part of your life. In my case, she has hung on through all her cross continental journeys and mine, through life, children, jobs, the good times and the bad ones.

She visited me this summer from England. She is good that way, she makes it a point to visit from all corners of the world. This summer was special since her son graduated college, the family visited us en route. It was a shorter trip, but we managed to squeeze in a lunch between a relaxed breakfast and them leaving. We went to Temptation Tea House, in Mount Kisco. It was a choice that I thought might work, it had enough to make it interesting and was locationally acceptable.

Possibily the highlight of the place for us was their service. We needed things in a rush without feeling rushed, they were able to do this gracefully. The food had enough of a selection that covered a pan asian spectrun, nothing exceptional but sparkling flavors, well cooked crisp vegetables and very attractive presentation.

What really stood out was the mango salad which was a Thai style adaptation of something that I am normally seen done with green papaya, the mango used was just right, crisp and not too ripe. This dish is certainly a must try, in face, even as I write this I realise that I need to see if I can find a recipe to cobble this together. It has been a while since this visit, and the memories are as warm and fragrant as the lovely jasmine tea that I ordered. Other teas we tried on the table included a passion fruit tea and bubble tea, yes, they have those too.

So if you are in Kisco and are looking for a fun place to get a quick and satisfying meal, please do give Tempation Tea Room a try. This was probably my third visit and I have found them predictably even.

Tempation Tea House

11 1/2 South Moger Street

Mount Kisco, NY 10549
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