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 This morning was day two of trying some stretches in the morning and I have to confess at the rate the back feels, I will need some major incentive to keep this going.

Well, the back also reminded me, that I had gotten a year older not that long back and this year had tried out two interesting places for the occasion. This is the first of two taken out courtesy of co-workers and I shall tell you about where I went with the husband before the week is over.

This was take two at this place, I let my hosts choose although I am afraid the decision was made over an attractive waitress rather than Cyril Renaud’s food. Well, I guess the important thing is to actually get the customers in and we can then worry about the how.

The menu features french comfort food with a general touch of elegance, just what would appeal to someone on a day they are feeling indulgent. I had tried the fish sandwich that I ordered the last time that I was here and was absolutely blown away by the flavorful use of the herbs and the rosemary laced crisp french fries. However, to add something new I wanted the cauliflower soup. The lady serving us (this was not the one my companions had hoped for, alas!) tells me about the soup and half sandwich special, to which I told her that I did want the whole sandwich, here she repeats her original pitch making me feel like a horse.

Nonetheless, I insisted on the soup and the whole sandwich. The soup was good but not anything outstanding.

The meal was finished with an absolutely wonderful dessert, tart, rich, pretty and satisfying complete with a candle! The bread pudding was topped with passionfruit ice cream somthing that will probably bring me back to this place.

Overall, the place is pricey but the food is a safe bet, if you want to give it a try.

Bar Bretton

254 Fifth Ave. Map
New York, NY 10001
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