The Crooked Knife

 Three times is said to be a charm, this certainly was the case with us trying to get to this restaurant. The first time was an attempt right after we returned from Vancouver. Ken, had checked out this place as a good place to try after I returned. I was happy to oblige but, ended up with the suddent trip to India. Once I returned the day we set out to try the place it WAS pouring! So we did try to get there valliantly but abandonned the idea about a block short and then finally on a late fall day just before Thanksgiving, we made it.

So, the question is was the food worth the efforts?

Well, starting out I was trying a pub after a long time so the novelty of the experience helped. The place was a cosy set up sort of more like a country style place rather than a bar like feel which was a big plus.

The menu was good as comfort foods go. I settled for a comforting and stick to the ribs type lamb stew and Ken ordered the seafood pasta. The servings were generous and the food was flavorful. I enjoyed the stew and even sopped up the sauce with bread. The bread reminds me that the place is not really an exotic place. It is about basic food done right! Somedays however that is what one is looking for!

The Crooked Knife

(212) 696-2593

29 E 30th St Map
New York, NY 10016

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