WHB # 312 the Round-Up

A nice and compact collection of recipes, making it easy for me to keep up on what has tuned out to be one busy weekend. The first entry is from Marija who blogs at Palachinka and has sent in a recipe for a red pine mushroom fry.

The next one is from Cinzia at Cindystar with a great recipe for homemade Scialatielli, that features using dried parley and basil and is a traditional pasta from the Amalfi coast of Italy.

And another lovely entry also from Cinzia, featuring Persimons and Cream.

Next up is a beautiful Christmas Chutney from Haalo, featuring pears. How seasonal!

An interesting recipe for Lettuce flan, made new and novel by the addition of Gorgonzola Cheese, this was sent by Brii at Briggishome.

Lastly, there is my own entry featuring a light and lively cauliflower curry.

Weekend Herb Blogging 313 is being hosted by Haalo again so please join in the fun.

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