Black and White Wednesday


 I am glad today is Wednesday! Not just because it brings with it, Black and White Wednesday, but seriously because I am kind of tired and need some assurance that the week is a little more than halfway done.

One of the highlights of my culinary life over the holiday break was that I made humus from the scratch. Something that I had been wanting to do for a while. I am sharing here my pictures and the recipe with their colorful counterparts will follow shortly.

I want to wrap up the evenings small meanderings and actually get some early shuteye. Last evening, I went to sleep with my hair still wet and woke up looking like quite a sight. Folks at work however, thought I had tried a new hairstyle which they claimed looked good on me. Either they were being polite or maybe it was a miss that was not terrible.

Stay tuned for the recipe before the week is over!


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