Little Thai Kitchen in Scarsdale

This post has been in the drafts waiting for the time and moment for me to complete and post it. We visited the Little Thai Kitchen last fall, on a stolen evening where we happened to get impromptu baby sitting. We are bad that way, we always rope our guests in to baby sit, actually, I should change that to child sit, since the little ones are not really babies any

The LTK is another Shiva Natarajan creation, right out there with others that I have reviewed, like Bhojan and Jaipore.

 These restaurants have a sort of formulaic approach to them, that is not necessarily bad. It is just that once you have been to one you tend to recognize the bright colors and pretty menu approach that the restaurant owner uses. The LTK series is actually a sub-chain within his conglomerate of other places. Some of these restaurants are still waiting on my must try list.


I had realized that the restaurant was a BYOB and had picked up a good bottle of wine, a crisp and sweet Riesling that was in perfect harmony with the lively flavors of the food.

The place had a small but serviceable menu. We loved the service and very homey décor. The shelves with jars of pepper and pickles added a comforting touch.

 Now, down to the food – very fresh tasting and they are serious about their spice. The portions were also generous. It is a good and affordable addition to the local food scene and certainly one worth stopping by.

Little Thai Kitchen

15 Popham Road

Scarsdale, NY 10583

http://www.littlethaikitchen.cLittle Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoonom/

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