The Koreatown Series – Shanghai Mong

 New York City is filled with amazing litte pockets of various ethnicities. I have to tell you, it is always a thrill for me to be able to try a new cuisine, without having to travel feeling a real sense of authenticity.

Koreatown, is a classic example of what I am talking about. I mean, nothing beats walking through two  blocks in this case between 5th ave and Broadway on 32nd Street, watching Korean Street signs in Korean. The segment is mostly a business area, with very few residences. There are plenty of great restaurants, an assortment of Korean and other restaurants. I ha

ve gotten to like a few of them and  would love to tell you about them. This eclectic group also includes an asian grocey that is my go to place for good Sushi and Miso as well.

Sanghai Mong, calls themselves a Chinese Fusion restaurant. They have a menu that has a small collection of asian dishes from Japan and Thailand along with the Chinese fare. You need to look beyond the somewhat cheesy decor and the weird music and allow yourself to walk in there.

Once seated, you are greeted with a small selection of Kimchi.

We have tried a bunch of stuff from the menu, but my favorites there are their Pad Thai, which they go out of their way to advertise on their window. I will tell you, this is not the real deal, in fact, they even use thin rice noodles. However, this dish with hints of peanuts and soft and fragrant basil rocks! It is comfort food on a cold day. I often like to order this as a grab and go lunch.

The other item that also falls in the category of bad good comfort food. Their large and well seasoned dumplings (yes, the fried variety are just too good to be true!)

I could finish a plateful just by myself. In fact, for people like me, they indulge with a mini order size of two dumplings.

So, next time you are in the area, pop into to this non-descript looking place with shiny neon signs and you will leave happy! Their pho and other noodle soups are also pretty decent as are their essential chinese specialties.

 The details on Shanghai Mong,

30 West, 32nd Street

New York, New York 10001

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