Azteca in Mt Kisco

 I realize that it has been a while since I posted a restaurant visit on this site, an assortment of reasons for this, but none of them actually include the fact that I have not sampled diverse fare. Actually, to be honest the last two weeks have been hectic at work and I had been somewhat under weather. Today, I broke the silence actually prompted by a visit to a somewhat different find.

We visited this Mexican find, mostly due to the fact the husband concluded that we were going to have the light fluries the entire day, I did tell me enroute to my morning grocery routine, it hardly looked ominous. When, it comes to weather I believe in enjoying the snow indoors, so, most people who know me do realize that when I am ready to venture outdoors, it really is not snow, but most likely rain, slush, fluries or some combination thereoff.

Well, nonetheless, the kids voted for Mexican, they have been rather pleased about Mexican after some tacos that I cobbled together for them last weekend, and after some searching we settled on this homey place. Based on all my experiences, I like Mt Kisco, because I feel that the town offers enough alternates should we decide to change our mind.

The place at first blush greets you with a homey meets festive kind of decor. A somewhat festive get up (all done p for Valentine’s day) in a down home kind of way. Colorful tables and walls, with a TV showing some Mexican soaps that actually seemed to be distracting the waitresses. The usual salsa and chips, were interesting since I felt that their Salsa was a cut above the average and the kids were rather excited with the red chips.

We ordered the Guacomole, which they actually mixed at the table. Their portions are very generous and definitely worth remembering. We ordered enchiladas for the kids with a mole sauce, a shrimp soup and a fish veracruz for us. This kids did ok with their meal, mostly since they are not used to the mole sauce, and are in fact used to a huge smothering of cheese. I loved the fish and the soup had potential.

I generally think that this place was a nice bread from some of the stuffy overpriced places that we tend to find all too often. The place definitely was kid  friendly, which is always wonderful. In fact, the kids were rather excited with their decor and made me count the hearts.

The meal was good, if not memorable and sometimes that works just fine. It is the kind of predictable neighbourhood joint that you like to keep handy, when you do not have a lot of time on your hand to search for a place to go to. The place also has a small but servicable grocery store attached to the restaurant.


125 East Main Street

Mount Kisco, NY


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