Tracks – Stopping at Penn Station

A restaurant of contradictions that is not all bad! Despite being located in the heart of Penn Station (hence the name tracks) the place does not have a commercial vibe to it. One could almost relate the place to a neighborhood dinner, well almost! The restaurant does have a long bar, which reminds you that it is after all a short stop for some people who are looking for that quick dinner or stop, and of course a quick lunch in a relatively busy part of town. The warm old world coloring and pictures almost make you look for chipped tables instead of the burnished wood. But you do get the quant old world china, that reminds you of a grandmother’s cottage. Well, except my grandmother preferred heavy silver. That of course, is another story.

The next contradiction is the menu, the restaurant actually is seafood bars that also serves pub food on the side, or wait maybe, it is a pub that has a seafood bar on the side. This is generally a fun spot to stop by and has its own series of die hard fans.

The food we ate was not especially out of the ordinary, but great. I would err on the pub side of things and I have to confess that their onions rings were just great! A mixed platter of salmon, onions, eggs and capers was pretty to behold but good not great! The clam chowder in the bowl was comfortingly creamy. I am not a major fan of oysters, but their oysters were devoured quickly by the company suggesting that they were definitely a must for oyster lovers. Personally, I am convinced people tout the effects of the oyster in the romantic department, mostly to get people to eat them, why else would people rave about these slimy, briny, raw cratures.

If you are an onion ring lover, these indulgent, very crisp beer battered onion rings will have you  comming back for more. It is all about the batter.

The last contradiction, possibly the happiest of the lot was that they have the cheapest dessert in the area, I mean seriously at $5 was a luscious slice of chocolate mouse cake. Overall this is a nice predictable spot that I am happy to have tried and shall stow away as a safe option for the area.




1 Penn Plaza

New York, New York – 10011

212 244 6350

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