John Dory Oyster Bar

The name of my graduate school advisor was John Dory. It actually took me some time to realize that it was also the name of a fish. I could never quite understand why so many seafood places were named after Dr. Dory. Oh well… The John Dory Oyster bar, deserves credit for two things even before we get to the food, they both revolve around location. The restaurant convienently located adjacent to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, seems to also have a very inviting look, mostly due to the long glass windows surrounding it.

We had eyed this for a while and then one day decided that it was the day to try the place. The place was charming, elegant and had a special moment written all over it. It was a celebration type of day so the place was well picked. I did not get the best captures, but drank a lovely pink procesco with the meal. This place makes for elegant pick ups, that actually bely their richness. So, watch what you are eating.

We started with Hawaian blue prawns with coriander mayonaise. The prawns were good, but the mayonaise was simply the freshest tasting, creamiest mayo that I have ever tried. We saved the mayo after the prawns were done, because it was just too good not to finish up by itself.  We also, tried the sea urchin with pomegranate black pepper and I really am not sure what to make of it, rather strange at best.

We also, ordered the house parker rolls which were made fresh on the

premises and were just heavenly to mop up the remaining mayonaise with. I had ordered a roast pork sandwich with tuna mayonaise, and this sandwich was rather disapointed and too salty.  Other items were the parsley and anchovy toast and the fish dumpling soup, both of which were pleasantly nice. We finished off with the Ecceles cake, an interesting british tea time pastry that pairs stilton with a sweet currant sauce, also very good and hit the spot.

Overall, the place was generally a little pricey and hit some high notes but not enough to be considered an instant repeat place.

 In general, I think that the problem with the place is that it has a bit of an identity crisis in that, it is trying to be the neighborhood yuppy happy hour place and your fancy oyster bar both rolled into one, I personally think that is sometimes too much ground for any restaurant to cover.

John Dory Oyster Bar

1196 Broadway 
New York, NY 10001

212 792 9000








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