The Koreatown Series – Episode Two – Pho

I had featured my first Koreatown post, here telling you about Shanghai Mong. Here is a somewhat delayed second episode. This post will take you to a little Vietnamese place that is really, really good. It is so good, that people stand in line for up to 10 or 15 minutes to sample and savor the steamy savory bowls of Pho.

Pho, seems to be so trendy these days, in fact, I would have brought it into my house a long time ago but resisted because of this little gem. Pho 32 has been the enabler that has prevented me from trying and cooking Pho, because I can easily get my pho and drink it too without the effort. The first time I tried this spot was when my brother was visiting from Seattle, and after a cold day walking all over NYC he wanted something to warm him.

We stumbled into Pho 32 by chance, and I found a keeper. I will confess, though I am not super experienced with Vietnamese food. We need more of them in Westchester. This being said, I do understand good tastes and flavors.


I have since then been back many a time. They key here is to hit the spot right before12pm, or you are guaranteed a wait. I have not been there on weekends, but I am told it is busy then too. The deal is simple. You order a big bowl of pho, which is essentially a hearty deep seasoned beef broth. The pho comes with base options such as chicken or seafood and an assortment of fresh veggies and herbs such as bean sprouts, cilantro, sliced jalapeno and lime. You get unlimited amounts of any of these enhancers. There is a small seasoning bar where you get your pick of hot sauces and there are optional add on, such as fish balls and tofu for a price. Pure and simple!


For less than 10 dollars, you experience a satisfying cornucopia of flavors and feel deeply satisfied. The place is mostly about the pho, but they have a menu with noodles, dumplings, Shabu Shabu and other entrees. I have tried a bunch of their appetizers and think that the dumplings and rolls are consistently good.

Featured here is there mixed platter, which is good for two or three people and gives you a good variety of snackables.

As I write this post, I really am tempted to try a vegetarian version of this glorious soup, I shall keep you posted about my efforts.








Pho32 & Shabu on Urbanspoon

Pho32 & Shabu on Urbanspoon

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