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 Remember that date night couple, when Anshul and I ever so often try to get away for dinner. I am actually a compulsive evesdropper, and over the years my husband has gotten used to it. He even has to listen to my evesdropping storries from the train and and lunchtime. Well, the similarity ends there, for better or for worse. No dancing or pretending as someone else to get reservations, not to mention the late night escapades. Oh, but like Ray Romano, I do work as an accountant….

This evening was a little different, BGR, The Burger Joint was doing a blogger event, and I was glad I could make it and actually happier that the other (read not better) half could make it. The place definitely offered a change of place from our usual fare and was fun and festive. The general vibe, sort of clean sleek and festive, with pictures of bands and music that I still recognize and listen too. This these days is a rareity.

 A wall with the clean bright blue had notes pinned on them that ranged from profound, soulful, funny and just plain weird. But there is fun to see random thoughts on the wall. The pace was somewhat quite, but it was a wednesday evening.

The general atmosphere as you can see, was casual and fun, the menu was colorfully featured on a large blackboard. They had at least 8 to 10 selections of burgers that would satisfy most palates and diet preferences. They had fish, veggie, turkey, lamb and a variety of regular beef options. It took us at least 5 minutes to decide, we finally settled for a Southwestern burger and the Greek which essentially was a lamb burger with greek style fixings.

They had plenty of options for the sides, outside of the standard fries and a wonderful young man who helped us make up our mind.

We ended up with a side of grilled asparagus, which actually was for the husband, but ended up on my plate and an order of vidalia onion rings which were really great. I grudgingly offered my husband two.

 We had ordered our burgers medium, and I think while the southwestern was done just right, my burger tended to be closer to rare. Very flavorful, but a little more pink than I would like. I loved the red onion and yogurt sauce and cucumbers and feta that came with the greek burger. Reminded me of a greek salad on a burger role.

All good, they have a wonderful selection of drinks including beer and baseline, white and red. The wine came in half bottles and their red worked well with the meal.

 We shall probably be back with the kids at some point of time.

If you are in the area and are in the mood for a quick and hearty bite and a good place to grab some beer with friends and chat I would actually reccomend giving this peppy and cheerful place a try.

Oh, and in case you are interested, they have WIFI too!

The lowdown,

BGR – The Burger Joint

20 S Moger Ave Mt Kisco


Open Mon- Sun 11-10
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