Asellina for Restaurant Week Summer NYC

Last week was the end of Restaurant week in the city, for various reasons I have never been able to take advantage of this, it is either the wrong week, wrong neighborhood,  wrong whatever, just not been right. I have lately managed to be the model person and have been bringing my own lunch, healthier, tastier (ahem) and certainly cheaper, even the bodegas that I like to frequent cannot really beat free. BTW, I have actually lost a couple of pounds, not that I am proclaiming my cooking to be the next diet fad, it really becomes more along the lines of portion control.

But, anyhow, but now I am also into Friday celebration meals, after all once a week, can be a splurge kind of lunch.

So, the more upscale with restaurant week all pointed to Aselina. We do not do too much Italian food (my fault!), it is hard for me to pass up on all the various ethnic options and settle for something that we can find so much more easily in Westchester. I have tried, Sri Lankan, Persian, Thai (well, I think that you get the drift) all within a stone throw away. But, today Aselina was calling us and for mighty good reason.

As soon as we began crossing the blocks, the rain came down, pouring, hard and soaking. Nonetheless, we braved it, Ken being a gentleman and me being crazy, rain loving me. We arrived at the restaurant looking like wet rats, despite feeling cold for the first few minutes, we shook out pretty well, thank you drip and dry. We stuck nicely to the pre-fixes offered to us by the restaurant week menu.

 We started with a pre-fix seafood salad, compact, tasty and flavorful. What was nice about the place was their well-proportioned serving sizes, adequate but not too large. The main courses offered three choices, a mint flavored ravioli, well more like a mint enhanced red sauce, I had a pretty amazing pasta dish with sausage and spinach. This in fact, will be the inspiration, make that loose inspiration for tomorrow’s dinner.

We finished off with dessert, a chocolate cake and melon panna cotta. Well worth the rainy walk.

By the time we headed out, the rain had cleared leaving the streets washed and relatively fresh. It was nice to walk across the five blocks feeling well sated. We shall probably be back, maybe the next season or for a celebration when the mood hits. If you want to check it out, here is the lowdown.


420 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10021





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