Day One Grand Teton – Stop at Dornans for Breakfast

 The summer vacation before back to school was much needed and did not disappoint. My husband loves the mountains and has been raving about Yellowstone for almost as long as I have known him. He is also extremely nostalgic about all the travel done during his graduate school days, so I often listen and discount the rave reviews with a pinch of salt. However, my first glance of the Jackson Hole, WY,  landscape straight out the plane window, and I was mystified and awed by the magestic beauty of the Teton mountains.

When we travel, the choice of food destinations is usually left to me, but Anshul did insist on the first stop at Dornans.  This simple down to earth place for our first breakfast set the perfect mood for the trip. The restaurant is a family owned place actually going down several generations with the family is set within the Grand Teton National Park, in a converted chuckwagon. What I loved about the place was its lack of the typical commercialism that you might usually find with a place like this. I know, what can I say, as a jaded New Yorker, I find this surprising. It presented itself simply, without any fuss or frills.

The menu had the usual breakfast trappings with the food being cooked right in front of you. We picked good hearty menu options, in fact, ended up overeating.

All the options for eggs, juice, sausage and of course the pancakes did not disappoint. If you like your coffee flavorful but not too strong, you will love their self service options for coffee. With a sense of wistfullness, I had to agree that if this was anywhere close to work, chances are I would be sipping coffee the whole day enjoying the pristine scenery, which is really what makes this a must visit stop. The restaurant is located against a backdrop of the Teton’s with the Snake River gently wandering past in a clear and unhurried manner.

Even as we were eating, we saw a large moose run past, thrilling the kids to no end. I have to confess, I was so startled, I did not have a chance to even get my act together to take pictures of the animal. Yes, it is this perfect scenary that just cannot be customized. If you are in the area, I highly recommend this stop to get a great start into easing into the stunning western landscape and hearty honest to goodness food.

The next few days were just a feast for this nature lover. I hope you shall listen and share my amazement at the beauty of the western landscape.
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