A welcome package

 The postman came on Saturday, with a heavy, non-descript looking package.

I knew instinctively, that my book baby was here. It gave me almost as much happiness as welcoming my live children home. Although the wonder was really more tinged with a sense of accomplishment and completeness. And yes, I did not spend the entire night staring at the book, the way I had done with Aadi and Deepta. I have however, always like the font and layout of the covering highlighting the words the Bengali Five Spice Chronicles. There was however a general feeling of joy, that permiated through our household. I am glad the book hits the shelves on an auspicious day – Diwali.

Life is however always tinged with myriad emotions, and it is this balance of emotions that help us human beings focus, anticipate and keep ourselves challenged. Seeing the book, after a few minutes, I thought of my father and felt a small momentary sense of sorrow. It would have been so amazing to have been able to share the moment with him, but maybe, somewhere he is happy. Maybe, somewhere he senses the moment.

Down at the ranch, the husband actually spent a fair amount of time leafing through the pages and the children were very excited. They have been taking turns at taking pictures, with the book.  I hope that this book helps in enriching some lives and brings some culinary adventure for some people. It is the begining or maybe the end of a journey, we shall see…


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  1. Congratulations :-)

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