Fig and Olive in Scardsdale, NY

In case, I neded more of a challenge in my life, I have signed up for, NaBlogPoMo, a few days late. Well, I have a hard time sticking to any kind of a logical when it comes to posting, I thought trying a month of activity here with some consistency might help. It would of course, also give me a chance to clear out some of the draft, such as this one that has been sitting around from early August when we visited Fig and Olive. We had first visited Fig and Olive in February for Valentine’s Day. I had liked the food, but was disappointed that we were only limited to the prefix.

Our anniversary in July offered us a good excuse to get back. There menu has some interesting seasonal options and the garden where we sat is pleasant and very lovely, making for a perfect calm setting for a late summer evening. The decor is pleasant with shelves filled with olive oil of myriad hues and flavors. To show of this bounty they offer small crostini options, which paired beautifully with the gazpacho that we both ordered.

After that, I had a chicken tagine which was interesting in that it had a nice chockful of vegetables. In fact, the picture I got, shows only the veggies, but it was a nice balance with some clearn and flavorful dried fruit thrown in.

Anshul, stuck to a seasonal and light entry called the zucchini carpacio, a light thinly sliced affair with zucchini, pine nuts and parmasan. The meal was finished with a dessert that was a strawberry and marcaspone cookie, that they called a dessert crostini. All in all, a place that we have checked back to visit again. If you have not tried it, you should.

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