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  Something that I had wanted to see when I wrote The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles was what recipes in Bengali cooking caught the fancy of other readers, especially people who did not have native familiarity with the cuisine. I have personally found when I experiment cooking with flavors that are different, I tend to have a much more intuitive approach to them. Almost, without any pre-concieved memories which sometimes help me explore within the boundaries of different flavors, by stretching and meshing these flavors.

I was delighted to get a wonderfully diverse group of bloggers, who would help me find out. They are going to be cooking one or two recipes from my book over the next two weeks from now to December 6th, and then actually hosting a cookbook giveaway. In keeping the event freestyle, I have not specified the recipe, because I wanted to see what catches everyone’s fancy.

You can find more details about this in this post as well as how the event got its name. If you want to get a copy of my cookbook for free, please stop by their blogs for their giveaway post.

 I hope that you will join me on facebook to watch what they come up with. Their blogs are quite amazing and I have been adding them to my reader the entire afternoon.

My blogger event is supported and made possible by the generosity of my publisher, Hippocrene Books and without much ado, let me introduce you the wonderful group of people (in alpha first name order) who are one of the firsts to cook from my book.

  Akheela Hisham, who blogs at Torviewtoronto, out of Toronto, Canada, a blog where she records family recipes and a diversity of international flavors that are reflective of the diversity of Canada.

Alex Witte who blogs at Chowvida out of the San Francisco Bay area in CA,  writes all about the love of healthy food. Inspired by flavors, colors, and nutritional qualities of foods, she approaches baking and cooking as both a science and a creative outlet and strives to create recipes that are nutritionally beneficial and equally delicious

Amanda Moutakki, who blogs at Maroccmama, a blog out of Wisconsin and is a website about raising a bi-cultural family. Most of the posts are related to food with an emphasis on Moroccan and international recipes.

Camilla Mann, who blogs at Culinary Adventures with Camilla, a blog out of Monterrey, CA is a blog where she uses her pots and pans as a culinary to share a chockful of diverse recipes that usually cooks for her family. She hopes to be able to persuade people to try local produce and flavors through her blog.

Cynthia McCloud Woodman, who blogs at What a Girl Eats , out of Pasadena, CA. She a full time Kindergarten teacher and has completed the master chef program at the CA Culinary academy. Her blog is about is easy, fast and healthy food for working parents. Cynthia spent 3 1/2 months traveling around the world on my honeymoon!

Elizabeth Lapmann, blogs at Frugal Mom Eh! out of Ontario, CA and is all about providing frugal and parenting advice as well as product and book reviews for my ever expanding audience.

Hindy Garfinkle, who blogs at Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker, her blog is all about the goodies that she cooks up and wants to share. Hindy also works full time for a non-profit.

Laura Tabacca, who blogs at the Spiced Life, a blog out of Ohio, she is a SAHM who loves to cook and bake and who loves to write and has combined these interests, “The Spiced Life. She likes international food, especially Indian, S.E. Asian and Mexican, and cookies and anything that can be baked in a bundt pan!

Melanie Deland blogs at MBA Mama out of Ontario, Canada writes about what it’s like to be a highly educated working mother: the joys, the frustrations, the schizophrenia and invites people to join the madness,

Perry Perkins, blogs at Hautz Meals, out of Oregon, and the blog is all about all about helping busy families get back to the dinner table and share delicious, nutritious meals together, by helping you with the research, planning, and list-making that takes so much time…time that most of us just don’t have.

Priya Mitrawal, blogs at Mharo Rajasthan, out of California and her blog features unique and interesting vegetarian regional Indian recipes from her home state of Rajasthan and beyond. It is also the home of a few interesting and healty events that will offer you innovative ideas to do more with fruits and vegetables.

 Rashmi Primlani, who blogs at the Primlani Kitchen, a blog all about spices where LOVE is a special magic ingredient.

Sarah De Diego, who blogs at the Journeys of the Zoo, out of Ottawa. Her blog is about her journey. She became a Mother for the first (and last) time when she gave birth to Triplets; Alexander, Maximilian and Artemis. Sadly, Alexander passed away. This is their Journey.


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