Vermilion in NYC

Vermillion was on my mind for a long time, I have a mixed relationship with fusion flavors. I like to dabble, mix and match, sometime with gentle touches and sometimes with an assertive touch. I like to check out culinary marriages of different cultures because I feel that this allows me to get an insight into how different people interpret and understand culinary styles and techniques.

It was Anshul’s birthday and I could not think of a better occasion to head over with him to NYC. Actually, what made the case more compelling was the fact that the GPS had dropped and the connection wire had snapped. So, long story made short, I was in the mood for non-driving options. The husband anyway does not make it in to the city very often, so this was a fun thing to do.

While their menu website advertises a pre-fixe, this did not seem to be one of the options that was listed on the menu, we however wanted to sample a diversity of dishes and so we ordered a bunch of small plates.

The first thing that I will mention is that everything about the restaurant, including the décor screams out, bold! The décor has contemporary, striking lines, vivid colors and located smack in the heart of midtown the restaurant has a very corporate vibe to it.




The scallops over a lovely red pepper sauce, came with a perfectly carmelized sauce and seasoning that for me were a little too strong for something so delicate, however presented and cooked to perfection.

Bold spicing sometimes is an amazing winner and this is clear with the chat masala dusted onion rings. These crispy babies were everything that the spice palate wanted and more. The menu interestingly enough tends to get a little more traditional, when moving on to main dishes.

Paired with a crisp and colorful seasonal salad, that had a nice and fresh tasting citrusy dressing. The salad was almost a meal in itself. We did have a tikka masala (just wanted to see if they did anything different with the dish) which was good but not great.

The pulled pork vindaloo canapés, were a little too jarring in its mix of spices.

We finished the meal with a pistachio shahi tukra, which is  essentially an Indian take on bread pudding and it was absolutely wonderful. If you love cream and nuts like me, this dessert is for you. So, overall an interesting experience, it was good not great but did satisfy the need for novelty that we were looking for.


480 Lexington Ave

New York, New York 10016

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