The Bakery and Bunnery and the West

Somewhere towards the end of our summer trip, to Yellowstone we stopped and spent a day in Jackson Hole, WY. I have to confess, some trips are just meant to be perfect. As with all trips, I end up sorting and arranging pictures well into the next one, like I am sitting now going through all these wonderful experiences and memories and right after New Year, I felt that I needed to write about this interesting meal that is well worth journaling. I realize we are done with one more vacation, but if you do read this blog, you know the restaurant reviews are more about good food memories that I want to share in between recipes irrespective of time.

So, just as we loved the Tetons and the Rockies taking time to pause in awe at their wonderfully majestic scenery, the town turned out to be a beautifully pleasant ending point to our journey.

With quaint little alleys and galleys, we spent about an hour in the evening meandering around taking in the very different sights and sounds of this Western Oasis.

Our dinner stop was a place that I was very sure we could not go wrong with, it was the Bakery and Bunnery Restaurant, know for, well its cakes and bakes. Just as a testimony to good advertising, it is worth mentioning that I really did not know much about the place, but their postcard at the hotel persuaded me that the place was probably worth a stop, and all things considered it definitely was.

We sat outdoors in the charming trellised outdoors, soaking in the last of the beautiful setting sun. The menu was an interesting collection of sandwiches and breakfast items that could comfortably carry you well into the end of the day, just like it did for us – Soups, Large and well seasoned Sandwiches and if you love eggs, you will be in heaven.

We tried a bunch of this and that, kids had eggs with home-fries, actually Aadi had their eggs benedict and liked it. Personally speaking, it was good but not necessarily great! Worked for the seven year old though. Dad had a sandwich, bread baked on premises. I had the chicken quesadilla, the serving sizes were very generous. Kids loved their fresh squeezed orange juice. We finished off with great chocolate cake and pie. My only disappointment was the Starbucks sign. I am not a fan of chains and wince when I see an independent establishment pandering to one. Hey, I prefer the dying breed of independant bookstores to Barnes and Nobles as well. Back to the restaurant, do pay it a visit if you live or are visiting that neck of the woods.

The Bakery and Bunnery

130 North Cache

Jackson Hole,  WY 83001



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