Taj Palace – White Plains, NY

  I have been on a quest for the past several years to find an Indian restaurant that is less that fifteen minutes away from home.  It also needs to be one that I can go to with the brood when I am tired, without feeling that I am depriving the family of home-cooked comfort.

Of course, as I tell my students while my wish list sounds simple, it is a tall order of sorts.

For the most part because I am looking for a blend of homestyle simple dishes along with some restaurant staples. I want innovation balanced with authenticity. I also need them to taste like they were made from the scratch just for us, I know, I know…

The good thing is that my quest keeps me searching and trying out new places all the time. We had visited Taj  in White Plains, shortly after reading the times review. It brought us to the restaurant on a Sunday, to experiment with their buffet and some items off their menu.

Now, if you are trying an Indian restaurant for the first time the weekend buffet is not a bad place to start. It is a well loved standard that competes with other brunches and usually gives you a good lay of the land.

The set-up was tastefully done, with bright earth tones that were cheery without being garish. The staff were pleasant and helpful and this service was even and attentive.

Sure enough, the buffet had the usual suspects  – an assortment of appetisers, rice and curries. My son loves dosas (rice and lentil crepes from Southern India), these were really substantial and made crisp and done just right. The coconut chutney it came with was creamy and fresh tasting. The dosa also traditionally is accompanied by a spicy lentil stew which was a little too plain for my preference. Since the kids skip this anyway, they were unaffected.

One of the most amazing features of their spread was their samosas. These vegetables turnovers were crisp flaky and did taste like they were done from the scratch. I think these delectable turnovers will make me return to this restaurant again and again.

The other highlight was the regional diversity on the menu, although not all the dishes were highs, some lacked the nuances of flavor and seemed a little lackluster. Overall, I would not be as excited about the place as the times was, but I think it certainly has opened up possibilities for Indian food in the area. While this restaurant does fall into the under fifteen minute distance, and will be one we shall get back to, I think my quest still continues….

 Taj Palace

95 South Broadway

White Plains,  NY 10601

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