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Peppers at 42I have to confess, that there are many dimensions and moods to dining in a restaurant, the company, people, and sometimes the day of the week. The first time I tried Bellota at  42, it looks like almost everything, other that company did not seem right. Despite reserverations we had to wait, and the noisy bar hardly made for a good segway into the special meal that we were looking forward to.

 Well, this time around we went there on a much quieter evening with the Small Bites team, including of course Liz.


It was for starters an amazing experience watching the sun set against the back drop of the “hurry home” cars on a fairly cold night. The cocktails paired with what seemed to be a bottomless selection of tapas was well worth it. I liked the quieter evening and loved the company of fellow bloggers since I did not have to worry about taking pictures. This time round the food seemed really good. I photographed some, since there really was too much action going on to get all the dishes




Chickpeas are a huge favorite and I loved what the chef did with them. We were lucky that we had the picky vegan with us, so the chef made an extra effort to keep her happy in turn all the rest of us could enjoy the silky hummus and there amazing chickpeas that I am dying to try to make at home.


One of the items that I loved was a crisp chicken sandwich right along sided the lovely ham, that was the namesake Belotta variety.

Potato Bravas

The Potato Bravas was the one item that still did not feel as good as some of the renditions I have had certainly not like the variety in Spain. But I certainly feel this restaurant has redeemed itself in my mind. I shall just stick to going there early on weeknights.


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