Banzai Hibachi Grill and Steakhouse – Double Digits for Deepta

I will start this post out with a disclaimer! I am not really a huge fan of the Hibachi fare, at least the ones that I have sampled. I generally love the concept, like the idea of a sans cookware, fresh cooked concept, but there is not enough distinction for me in terms of the taste. Hibachi restaurants, do however serve a huge purpose in our “dining out” lives, because the kids love the fanfare of eating in a Hibachi place.


So, since these places fit the healthy food bill, for the most part, they are for us about entertaining the kids. So, this post is long overdue, since this was a part of my daughter’s tenth birthday. I know, time flies when you are having fun. This was a big deal!

Banzai, Hartsdale, NY

Even the brother (mine, that is) flew down from Seattle and we collectively trotted to Banzai in Hartsdale. The first thing that catches, your eye here is the loud décor, with notes of a diner masquerading as a nigh club.  The big bold colors, thrilling the kids. I personally found the red, white and blue themes just a little odd.

While ours was a family group, the table across us had a kids birthday group of about 7 kids. Now, 7 kids and 2 adults might at other times seem a little out of balance, but the hibachi chefs knew the entertainment aspect of their craft well. From peeing sake men containers to beating rice hearts, everyone was duly entertained.


So, now onto the food. Since, we ended up trying a bit of everything, the fried rice and noodles were predictably good keeping the scallops and chicken company. The lobster and shrimp were a little on the tough side, which is really worth pointing out since these items were both pretty pricey. They were good enough to bring over a cake with a candle. This was a surprise and brought a huge smile to the birthday girl’s face.


Yes, the dessert selection was wide and the desserts were good! All in all, if you are looking for a fun place, especially one that entertains the kids and a willing to notch down your expectations just a little bit regarding the food, this is just the place for you.

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