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IMG_2058We love eating out, however, we do not eat Indian food at restaurants, often.

The reason is simple, I cook Indian food at home more often than not, so it is nice to look for variety when eating out!  And, despite all our spice restrictions and allergies when it comes to eating out, we are an adventurous family.

However, we on the road and looking for a spontaneous quick bite,  Indian is something we look for. It offers a more balanced option than several other culinary options on the go! Today was one such day! We were on the road heading back from Albany to return home in time to make my daughter’s girls scout event in Pleasantville, NY. We needed to squeeze lunch in and I thought it would offer a good opportunity to try Bhog in Pleasantville.

I have been wanting to try Bhog,  and thought that today was the day! I walked in hoping that Bhog, would be that quick fix Indian restaurant that would not need me going for long lunches in NYC or to Brewster, NY to satisfy our outside the house Indian food cravings.

Of course, this is how I walk into every Indian restaurant within the 5-7 mile radius of Valhalla, NY and them sometimes realize that good things in life take a little time, whether we drive or take the train.

Now, as we pulled over to the restaurant, I could not help noticing the restaurants tagline – Redefined Indian cuisine.


I have to confess, I am never sure about what to make of such claims, after all, let us face it, a re-definition can be both good or bad. Anyhow, the first impression being the decor was very charming, I loved the tasteful Indian murals, displays of Indian instruments and the lovely murals depicting Radha and Sri Krishna.


Interestingly, enough they did not have a Sunday buffet, but did have Sunday lunch menus. The menu had three options with varied choices of protein.  Between the four of us, we chose something out of the three options, the children opted for the dosas, a south Indian style traditional rice and lentil crepe served with condiments, a potato filling and a spicy lentil stew.


The sambhar or lentil stew was a little flat, but the rest of the platter was pretty good! A well rolled lentil and rice crepe, two well seasoned chutneys and a lightly spiced potato filling that was nicely done. Moving onto the kathi rolls, a traditional Kolkatta style wrap, that my husband had ordered, the roll came with a house made wholewheat flat bread nicely done onions and a side potato salad. Somehow, they mixed up my husband’s order and he got the shrimp instead of the chicken roll and the potato salad was flat enough for my children to say that it was boring.



I had ordered the thali, that is an Indian meal with assorted options. I have to say I was a little surprised to receive an regular sized plate with rather large bowls, not very typical. The shrimp while very comforting and creamy, lacked the layers of Indian flavor that is always fun to work with.

IMG_2065The vegetable served on the thali, the Navratan korma, seemed to be cooked in the same sauce as the shrimp and also was not layered  enough and certainly did not have nine vegetables as might be expected of this dish. The Naan that came with the meal was fresh and nicely done.

IMG_2066The lentils that came with the thali was light and very well done. Overall, we might be back to Bhog because of its proximity, but to truly come back because we want to might take time.

The details on Bhog,


83 Wheeler Ave.

Pleasantville, NY


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