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IMG_0811Every time, I get ready for vacation, one of the interesting prep exercises end up being rearranging loose pictures to make sure that I have enough space on the phone and other storage devices for new memories and exercises. Sometimes it is fun to come across things that I have found and left to share with you on this place. Not surprisingly, you get hit with a lot of restaurant experiences. Well, this is probably not a bad time to pick up some food ideas as a lot of you are going out, with friends and if you are look for something a little different Jewel of Himalaya a Tibetan joint just might be for you.


So, Tibet is a small region nestled in the Himalayan mountains and the food has a lot of Indian influences and not surprisingly, a lot of other border influences such as Chinese influences as well. Their menu does a good job of trying to balance some of the off beat with traditional staples such as the Tikka Masala, because, lets face it, it kind of is next to impossible for a South Asian restaurant to thrive in suburbia without the obligatory naan and tikka masala.



If you want to check out something unusual and worthwhile, I would really ask you to look at items that you have not seem before, because come on folks there is so much to try in the world of spices. In an attempt to practice what I preach, I tried their rock shrimp appetizer, which appeared to be in a delicate orange scented sauce, light crisp and very satisfying.

I tried their thali (an Indian style plated meal) that was good, some items better than others. I liked the goat curry a lot. I had ordered a Tibetan fried bread, another first for me and I was not disappointed. The place located in a little strip mall had a comfortable and inviting vibe, the owner seemed to be  around and very interested in things. The place also seemed to house a lot of regulars, something that is always a good sign.

So, if you are in the area and in the mood for something different, do give them a try.

34 Triangle Ctr
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Phone: (914) 302-2886

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