Black and White Wednesday -

B&W  As this snowy Tuesday draws to a close, I am hoping that I can fit in this post in time to make it for a part of this weeks, Black and White Wednesday galleys.

Interestingly enough, as I have been making some of my favorite cauliflower soup, I chanced upon this picture. In between simmering and stirring, I have been facebook chatting with this week’s host Susan, who like me shares a love for the four seasons that we have here in the northeast.

Well, I shall need all the support and inspiration and of course warm cups of soup to get me up tomorrow and keep me out and about through this frigid week that mother nature has planned for us in NYC.

I have spend a busy week in the kitchen, with some spicy chilies and the like over the weekend, without realizing the weather, thankfully they shall keep me warm and in time make their way through the pages of the blog.  I have thus far been a good girl with bedtimes this year, and once I hit the post button, I shall continue to keep up my resolve.




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  1. Susan says:

    Love the cauliflower and star anise. They are naturals for Black and White. As pretty as they are, I’m sure they will make a pretty fine soup, too.

    Thanks for joining BWW, Rinku. And do stay warm! It’s only 7 out now! Brrrrr.

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