Efficient Ways of Losing Baby Fat

Are you already getting bored with the baby fat you have after your successful delivery? Many women tend to gain between 20-50 pounds while pregnant and after delivery they are left wondering how to balance the new motherhood responsibilities and the baby fat. Whether you would like loose five or more pounds, here are some efficient ways of losing baby fat.


This is one efficient way of losing baby fat. Research has shown that a mom can burn approximately 500 calories each day, just like in any other kind of workouts. It is very vital to ensure that you take enough calories that will help in producing lots of milk for the newborn. But, we all know that it’s very satisfying to know that you are burning calories even as you rest.

Begin the weight and cardio training

Some women just loose weigh automatically after pregnancy while other have to struggle a lot and think of efficient ways of losing baby fat. They have to take part in weight and cardio training. One can choose to train at home or go to the nearest gym. But before starting any training, be sure to consult your doctor especially if you didn’t deliver naturally. Your trainer should be able to guide you accordingly so that your mission can be successful.

Eat frequently

Another secret of losing baby weight is taking small meals frequently. This will keep the hunger pangs at bay and you will not end up overeating by the end of the day. Even though this reduces the overall calorie intake, you’ll not feel deprived or hungry during the day. It’s more helpful to combine carbohydrates and proteins in the small meals since the right proportions will create more energy and it will last longer. For instance, if you consume a carb-only snack it will burn off quickly and it can even bring an out an energy spike which will be followed by an inevitable crash. Consider going for evenness all day long and your energy will remain consistent.

Tone your muscles

Lifting the baby can assist in keeping your legs and arms toned even though the belly fat will not go away. To tone the belly muscles, consider lying flat on the ground, with your legs together. Pick up the legs approximately four to six inches off the floor and hold them for about ten seconds. The length of time can be increased as long as you feel comfortable. Make more repetitions as you get stronger. One can also do some easy crunched that can help in toning the lower and upper abdominal muscles and the oblique’s too.

Just know that those exercises that are designed to tone the obliques and abdominals will not burn site-specific fat. However, healthy diets and an overall workout plan will assist in increasing the metabolism hence you’ll burn more calories.


Go outside

In case the weather is friendly, consider playing with your child from outside. Spending time in a green space decreases the levels of stress and increases shappiness. A stressed mom’s body releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. When these hormones accumulate they can cause listlessness, fatigue, weight gain or retention and irritability. High cortisol levels will make a mom crave for salty, fatty, sweet and crunchy foods.

These efficient ways of losing baby fat are just but a few tricks to get you started in your journey. However that doesn’t mean that they are not sufficient. Choose two ways and begin with them and then you can incorporate the rest as you go on.